Thursday, January 3, 2008

If I'd Thrown a Holiday Party

Well, I didn't throw a party, but I reflected on parties past. I did, however, need to solve the mystery expressed in the last two lines; luckily I was able to solve it quickly!

Party’s Over

Napkins, crumbs, toothpicks,
plastic wrap, coffee cups,

dessert forks, and more,
unfortunately, than a few

tiny flies, from the amaryllis
or maybe the oranges.


Laura-Marie said...

Curious about the solution to the mystery.

Amanda said...

The flies came from the amaryllis! It was a shame because I love those flowers, and it was a gift to us from my brother's girlfriend.

magoshi said...

:) I have a character in warcraft named "amarillis" -- i couldn't get amaryllis :>

tee hee.

loved the poem, miss pie!

Stacey said...

I like "maybe" and "orange" near each other--I think b/c they each share an "a" and an "e" in the same order, and each separated by two consanants. Love poems on the black background.