Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ode to Belinda Carlisle

Next to The Bangles, I think I loved Belinda Carlisle and The Go-Gos the best--OK, well, I still do...

Dear Belinda Carlisle

For as many weeks as you are
on Dancing with the Stars
I’ll give all my votes to you

though I’ll forever think of you
all in black, maybe a pair
of gold hoop earrings, nothing

like the spangles and colors
the producers will make you wear
as you dance with a gentleman

instead of the women I remember.

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Imperfect said...

hi! thanks for visting my blog :D
actually i've never read William Carlos Williams and Lorine Niedecker... its ironic but my knowledge of poetry is actually pretty minimal.. i love your poems because they're so simple and short..