Friday, November 30, 2012

Spam and Powerball

My blog came up in some web searches people did for "Powerball poems" after I posted my little found poem about Powerball the other day. If only all my poems were about such heavily searched-for topics.

I received another fun bit of comment-spam the other day, so here's another poem built from spam.


You can still look great
without designer clothing.
You should never pay
much attention to brand names
unless you're a millionaire.

So anyway, to bring this full-circle: if you win Powerball, pay all the attention to brand-name fashion that you want!


Rebeka St John said...

Not even ONE number... I was never much into fashion anyway ;-)

Amanda Laughtland said...

Sigh. I could buy a lot more pairs of Converse high-tops and low-tops if I had some lottery winnings.