Friday, March 8, 2013

A Sample of My Collage Materials

I bought a little stack of vintage Hit Parader magazines on eBay some months ago, and I've been enjoying using them for collages. They aren't image-heavy, but they have plenty of bits of text to experiment with; I've used lines of text on my collaged greeting cards and also for found poems. The magazine used to publish the texts of popular song lyrics. There are some cool tiny images, especially in the ads in the back.

Anyway, I've shared pictures that show of the results of me cutting up these magazines (collages, poems, etc!), but I can't remember ever posting a photo that shows an original "whole," so here's the cover of a 1953 issue of Hit Parader.

I have another issue with Lucille Ball on the cover, and I haven't figured out the best thing to do with it yet.


Rebeka said...

Those are super cool. I love all kinds of ephemera, so this is so interesting to me! Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for those on ebay? This is why I can't wait until spring and YARD SALES!!!

Amanda Laughtland said...

I can't remember what I paid. I'm sure it was under $10--I tend to limit my expenditures on stuff I'm going to cut up for collage. If you love yard sales, I think you would like the book White Elephants by Katie Haegele. She has a lot of other writing online, so you can Google her to get an idea of her work. :)

Rebeka said...

Thanks, Amanda. I know the general idea behind "white elephants", so I am definitely interested in the book! I'm always looking for something new and interesting to read.