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NOTE: I don't currently have a class open, but I hope to run one again soon. Please drop me a line if you're interested, and I'll email you when I do schedule a new class!

Signups for October 2013 "Short Forms" Class Now Open!

Inspired by suggestions from writers who've told me they'd like to explore prose forms as well as (or perhaps instead of!) poetry, I've put together a class focusing on writing short pieces in whichever genre(s) you prefer: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or any combination you'd like to explore. This new class starts on Tuesday, October 1 and runs through Thursday, October 31.

The class has a 100% online format. You'll write four pieces over the course of the month. As with all my creative writing classes, the assignments will allow for a great deal of flexibility in terms of content, but will also give you enough structure to get started on something you might not sit down to write otherwise.

The price for the class is just $50.

The class has a limit of 12 students, so you'll be sure to get personalized feedback on your work: I'll give you constructive comments on all four pieces. We'll also read a variety of published poetry and prose, and I'll suggest freewriting exercises each week to generate ideas.

This class will function as a workshop in that you'll read and comment on the work of other students, but it isn't a critique-focused class. The focus is on the writing process, not the end result (though you likely will complete the class with some finished pieces). Comments will directly relate to each week's assignment. The class will have a weekly schedule and run for a month. The class will use the Canvas cloud-based course management system.

I have an MFA in English (emphasis on poetry writing) from the University of Washington, and I've been teaching writing classes at Edmonds Community College since 2004. My book of poetry, Postcards to Box 464, was published by Bootstrap Press in 2010, and I'm the author of several published chapbooks as well. For samples of my work, please see my website. I also have a site called With Five Questions where I interview creative entrepreneurs.

If you have any questions about the class, or would like to see a sample assignment, please feel free to email me. I hope you'll share the information about this class with friends, and keep an eye on this page for information about future classes.

Thanks again,
Amanda Laughtland


KelleGrace said...

Hello Amanda Laughtland,

I am in the Creative Writing & Poetics MFA at the University of Washington. This sounds like a great opportunity to hone some of my work outside of the program. I look forward to working with you!

Amanda Laughtland said...

Kelle, Thanks so much for your comment and for signing up for a class!